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Product Information

All natural skin care products providing relief for dry skin, treatment for skin ailments like eczema, and/or helping you "Feel Good in Your Skin."

My Testimonial

You can tell the difference the first time you apply the products to your skin, hair or face.  As someone with skin issues, I can attest to the way the products make my skin feel after I use the body butter or how my hair feels after shampooing my hair.  It is also fun to watch the expression of those who try the product for the first time. They become great sales representatives because they can't stop talking about how good the product feels.

Our Story

Life has a way of making a turn when you least expect it. Such was the case after Amy and I went to Florida for spring break in March of 2016. Because it rained most of the week, time on the beach was less attractive so we participated in my wife’s second favorite activity, shopping. I don’t mind shopping but some stores don’t fire me up and I sometimes will sit outside a store and wait while Amy does her thing. Such was the case one afternoon. I sat outside the Naples Soap Company store in a spot where I could see the TV located in an outdoor bar and watch the basketball game. Forty five minutes later, I worried that Amy might have been kidnapped so I went into the store to check on her. She was standing at the counter paying for over $300 dollars of skin care products!

Fast forward to a summer vacation in Key West. Amy had done some research regarding other Naples Soap Company stores and discovered a store on the famous Duval Street in historic Key West. As Amy participated in her second favorite activity and I provided moral support, she went into the Naples Soap Company store. I decided to sit this store out again and waited on the sidewalk while Amy completed her mission. I did not realize until I went back into the store that the mission was going to set us back another $300. The poor sales clerk was perspiring profusely from running around waiting on Amy. As we walked out of the store and loud enough for the sales clerk to hear my sarcasm, I told Amy she would have to sell the product to keep us from going bankrupt.

Amy loved the Naples Soap Company products so much that she took my sarcastic remark and has made it a reality. She got permission to sell Naples Soap Company products and then started her own company. We have been selling the products at craft fairs and are feeling extremely blessed to be able to have a spot in Curate (an artisan co-op boutique)and The Emporium to also sell the product. Our hope is that you will love the product as much as Amy does. The all natural products have had significant positive results on her psoriasis and overly sensitive skin.